Radio Hobbyist Kits

Radio Hobbyist Kits

Above is one of my simple circuit designs which is used with dynamic as well as condenser microphones for CB and Amateur radios. It provides specific gain along with selectable low pass filter curves for AM and Sideband communications where one can change the audio pass band to suit the mode of radio communications.

I have other circuit ideas relevant to the radio hobby. Foremost at the moment I want to develop desk top powered microphones for two way radio use. I have other kits in mind also for other desired radio applications.

My interest is in making simple accessory items of the Amateur, CB and Shortwave radio hobbyist, from antenna preamps, to low pass filtered microphone preamps, to Software Defined Radio hobby circuits.

I use LTSpice as a circuit simulation tool and also welcome any information on LTSpice component models to add to my library of components for use in designing circuits. Collaboration is welcome on like minded projects.


Radiotech (May 19, 2017)
Being a HAM myself, I like these types of projects....