The OctiWave-Lite is an 8-frequency square-wave generator in a simplified kit-format version(4) of the OctiWave Family that simultaneously serves as both a piece of useful bench test equipment, and as a tool for personal learning-research-experiments into the beneficial effects of “zapping” (see research and devices by Dr. Hulda Regehr Clark; also see “ClarkZapper.com” and others for more details), especially in the audible range of frequencies as listed in the “Bio-Energetic Frequency Chart #1” from Educate-Yourself.org.

The OctiWave-Lite(v4) Block Diagram (with this brief) depicts all of the possible features and functions that are incorporated onto the Printed Circuit Board for this kit. However, not all features and functions are needed, especially if the OctiWave-Lite(v4) is only being used as a multi-frequency clock source for various electronics experiments. Therefore, the BOM includes all of the components needed to perform as a piece of test equipment, with a list of “optional” components included for the kit builder who may also wish to obtain and populate the rest of the printed circuit board to enable the OctiWave-Lite(v4) to perform the tri-sensory stimulation functions for an inexpensive yet versatile “zapper”. Therefore, the “pipe” and “LED” and “headphones” drivers circuits with their device connections can remain unpopulated, if desired. Below the OctiWave-Lite(v4) Block Diagram is a photograph of a version 2 OctiWave in a case with more features and functions than those being provided in this kit; and, it is a lot more expensive too.

The OctiWave-Lite(v4) Block Diagram identifies frequencies in the range of 59Hz up to 5kHz. This limited range is stipulated for the “sound-zapping” stimulation section only. In truth, the operational range of the individual square wave generators is much broader, and each of the eight generators can be tuned to any frequency desired (via a multi-turn potentiometer).

All of the active electronic components, except for the voltage regulator, are extremely low power CMOS components to enable very long (9v) battery life. All of the components are thru-hole only to enable this kit to be built by even the first-time beginner, using easy-to-follow assembly instructions. The separate User’s Guide presents many options and ideas for using the OctiWave-Lite(v4), both as a clock generator piece of test equipment, and as a “zapper”.

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