Raspberry pi interface for cheap and easy robot build.

Raspberry pi interface for cheap and easy robot build.

Raspberry Pi devices are great and powerfull devices, and we can make incredible things with these including build a robot using common components like distance sensors (HC-sr04), motorcontrollers (L298N) or any other sensor like IR switches.

The PUR-BOT Raspberry Pi interface is a PCB kit, with a few resistors, and many connectors which will allow you to connect your sensors to your Raspberry Pi using simple dupont cables.

The detailed documentation explains, within a clear diagram how to connect these sensors to the Raspberry Pi. Sample python codes are also provided to help you get started with Raspberry Pi programming.

The interface allows to connect :

2 motors (1 L298N for DC motors or 2 ULN2003 for stepper motors), 3 ultrasonic Distance sensors(5V/ECH/TRG/0V), 5 sensors (3.3V/PIN/0V), 2 ground sensors (PIN/0V), 1 SPI device (4 pins for SPI plus 2 pins for power supply).

With the PUR-BOT interface, it is very easy to connect sensors to the Raspberry pi using simple dupont cables.

Building a robotbecomes an easy task.

The high quality documentation explains in detail the connector pins and their recommended usage.

Multiple python samples shows how to control typical sensors.

The PUR-bot Interface is going to be the heart of many robots !