Simple IR remote switch 4017ic & lm555

Built on a breadboard or can be soldered onto a PCB this circuit contains a 555 timer and 4017 ic for easily switching on or off projects/triggering projects using almost any IR remote (the one in the picture is a camera IR remote). The 555 is in mono-stable mode, filtering out the pulses from the IR receiver coming from the IR trigger remote, then feeding a pulse into the 4017 clock input to switch the output high from pin 2 & 3 every time the 555 sends a pulse.

Using this information, this circuit can be adapted by moving 1 wire (removing the wire that connects pin 4 to reset) to make a 10 pin switching output, this cycles through the 4017 IC's outputs with every pulse from the 555)

You could also connect a transistor and relay together on the high output where the led would be to create a higher current switch for turning on/off projects.

FYI: Once the circuit has power connected over ~6.5V the output of the 4017 will flick between the on/off positions because the photo-transistor is rated at 5V, this is why a 5V regulator is included in the circuit.