Modern Logic Probe

Modern Logic Probe was designed to measure 0´s and 1´s logics and for working with a voltage from 5V to 12VDC. This project was based in an LM358 and a common cathode RG LED to its monitorial. The Modern Logic Probe is capable of being adjusted to 0V with help of a couple of trimmers of 5K for turning off the RG LED. Using the project, the result is a RED led turns on when a ´zero logic´ is applied or a Green LED turns on when an ´one logic´ is applied. For more information about this project, go to the following websites:


dl324 (Apr 16, 2015)
The title is a bit misleading. I expected this probe to be comparable to the HP545A. It works for TTL/CMOS and automatically sets threshold levels so it can indicate HI, LO, and FLOAT. It also catches "fast" pulses.