LED Thermometer V2 (Fahrenheit/Celsius/±1°)


After completing this great starter kit, users will have a nice interactive LED thermometer. You will learn one principle how temperature can be measured in simple but precise way. It is a very good design using low cost industry standard parts.

Thermometer Specifications:

Indication: 40 LEDs
Power Supply: 9V (Recomended 9V battery OR 9V from power adapter - dont use both at the same time)
Supply Connectors: 9V Battery snap and 2.1mm Male DC Power Jack (Adapter included in kit)
Switches: Tactile switch for momentary temperature indication and Slide Switch for permanent indication
Dimensions: 2.7cm x 17cm (1.063" x 6.6929")

This is an improved version of the previous LED Thermometer kit project (Part no.: 2260261).

Main improvements are increased number of LEDs and therefore better temperature indication with one Celsius degree increments.

PCB dimensions for this LED thermometer are same as for previous version (Part no.: 2260261) but this one works with 9V and it also works with a wall adapter.

Further improvement is that temperature will be labeled both in Celsius and Fahrenheit.


AnnaClub (Aug 18, 2017)
When I buy LED Thermometer V2 (Fahrenheit/Celsius/±1°) is it the kit to do this itself? or this is all ready done and I have to connect to the batteries?