Handheld Game System

Build your own Handheld Game System with graphics and sound! This game kit includes a custom designed circuit board along with custom built tools and programming to build your very own handheld game system.

See a video of the game kit in action!

A custom tool (requires a Windows operating system) allows you to convert an image for sprites and fonts for games or other types of graphical applications for an LCD. Full, easy to use source code and documentation allows you to build your own games or graphical applications with minimal effort.

Please note that this project is designed to be programmed and debugged with a JTAG programmer, so an ISP programmer will not suffice to program the board. An Atmel ICE is the preferred tool for programming and debugging the board. Programming with C++ is required to make your own games or graphical applications.

For further documentation on creating your own custom games and the system source code, go to the official project page at Polygon Byte:

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